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Brandt Fuchs
Vice President of Operations
Show me a problem, I'll show you several solutions.

Strengths:  XSLT, workflows, InfoPath, and troubleshooting

Weaknesses:  Delicious Food and Beer

Brandt joined dataBridge in April 2007 as the company’s second employee and has worn every hat along the way.  Sales, customer service, branding, application and workflow development, he’s done it all.  Starting to work with SharePoint in WSS 3.0, Brandt quickly learned to push WSS to its limits and beyond in order to produce MOSS-like functionality for clients that weren’t ready or able to pay for the MOSS licenses.

Brandt has spent the majority of his years at dataBridge, building and supporting  large corporate intranets for international companies that leverage forms, workflows, and dashboards to increase efficiencies and provide cost saving measures.

Outside of the office Brandt spends his time training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at a local Gracie Humaitá academy.  If he’s not training, you can find him on his drum set or in the mountains hiking or camping with his two dogs.

Microsoft Certified Professional