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Category : Peter Hill

January 29
Property Promoting Text Fields to Form Libraries in SharePoint/InfoPath 2010
December 11
Hooray for Looping and Copying/Pasting in SharePoint 2013 Workflows
January 30
Filtering RSS Feeds Using the RSS Viewer Web Part through SharePoint Designer
January 11
Using Calculated Columns, Nested IF, and Date Fields to Assign Calendar/Fiscal Year/Quarter Values to Documents in SharePoint List
December 19
Best Practices for Workflow Lookups to SharePoint Lists to Set Permissions and Assign Tasks Using Collect Data Statements
May 17
More Fun with Date Math in XSLT 1.0
April 12
Displaying Static header image while still allowing users to add their own custom image using SharePoint site settings
March 09
Calculating Age from Date of Birth field in an XSLT Data View Web Part