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How to “Disable” Mobile View in SharePoint 2010 Sites lkwchnt rtmvnfl
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How to “Disable” Mobile View in SharePoint 2010 Sites tylykTt hrthlyky
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Content crawling and search in SharePoint Server 2013 11417
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2/5/2016 2:08 AM
Content crawling and search in SharePoint Server 2013 4570
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2/5/2016 2:07 AM
Build an Intranet using SharePoint 5021/26/2016 3:13 AM
Build an Intranet using SharePoint 323
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Build an Intranet using SharePoint 436
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Adding Files to a Library 151
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12/7/2015 2:54 PM
Adding Files to a Library 4965
استمتع بصيانة دايو بأقل تكلفة من خلال طلب خدمات توكيل دايو المعتمد فى كافة مدن مصر
12/7/2015 9:31 AM
Calculating Age from Date of Birth field in an XSLT Data View Web Part 104
You save me a lot of time. Thank you!
6/17/2015 11:37 AM
Displaying Enhanced Rich Text from a SharePoint 2010 List within an InfoPath 2010 Form Vieira
I'm also using a form library and pull a value from another list.
Any other options?

5/6/2015 3:03 PM
Using Calculated Columns, Nested IF, and Date Fields to Assign Calendar/Fiscal Year/Quarter Values to Documents in SharePoint List 129
Thank you for sharing this information!
3/31/2015 5:42 PM
Make a Hyperlink to a Modal Pop-up Form (SharePoint 2010) 5454
helped me a lot
11/26/2014 5:40 AM
Displaying Enhanced Rich Text from a SharePoint 2010 List within an InfoPath 2010 Form 765
I'm using a form library, and I have to show a value that comes from another list. seems to be good... but in the view1.xsl file, I have xsl:copy-of... instead of xsl:value-of
do you have a solution for that ?
many thanks
7/8/2014 12:04 PM
Displaying Enhanced Rich Text from a SharePoint 2010 List within an InfoPath 2010 Form knImmunt vHnvlym
John, thanks for taking the time to write up the steps above.  I'm having problems with step 1C, however.  I created a brand new list with a plain text multiline field, created a new InfoPath form and added a data connection between the two.  At this point I tested both the XML source and the InfoPath form to make sure it was picking up data without formatting.

After that I switched the multiline field to rich text and made sure to add some formatting to the data.  But when I preview the form after this change, no tags appear.

I have a feeling if I can get this hurdle figured out, I'll be good for the rest of the steps, but this is a significant problem.  Do you have any advice?
1/10/2014 11:53 AM
Make a Hyperlink to a Modal Pop-up Form (SharePoint 2010) 23266599150-52
Hi Dylan,  I know its been a few years, but the process is still relevant.  You said you just made a link for this, but can you show where you put the Javascript.  Having trouble with just simply using a link.  I also tried using a call to Javascript from the content editor.  Can you please help?

Thanks -

10/29/2013 4:28 PM
SharePoint 2013 Foundation - Secure Store Service to be Removed gborkf
To put you point more strongly, Microsoft is failing to provide a migration path from SSE to SharePoint Foundation 2013 -  a problem for many including ourselves.
I hold out some hope that there will be a change of heart on this, otherwise will have to develop our own solution for specific requirements. John
7/14/2013 11:45 PM
Creating Free Digitally Signed Certificate for InfoPath Code Solutions Ceasar ridgerg
Awesome job Dylan :)

3/13/2013 10:57 PM
Displaying Enhanced Rich Text from a SharePoint 2010 List within an InfoPath 2010 Form cotimpr 4-601
Hi John,

I wonder - does this work for you when using the browser to view the form? All I see is a blank text box.

Works fine when using infopath itself though!


11/7/2012 1:19 PM