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To share or not to share? Site collections VS Subsites  2125
I love all the posts, I really enjoyed, I would like more information about this, Thanks for sharing
8/30/2016 4:03 AM
How to “Disable” Mobile View in SharePoint 2010 Sites knnclur thcftIn8/25/2016 3:44 AM
SharePoint Document Management 101 trylvmm tvCurch8/23/2016 6:58 PM
Sending Plain Text Emails from SharePoint 2010 Workflows 8799
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8/22/2016 9:10 AM
SharePoint 2010 Small Business Intranet Launched! tcklyrwy culfryw8/14/2016 9:23 AM
Adding Files to a Library piazzaPRIVE

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SharePoint Document Management 101 flythnh unclcull
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8/5/2016 7:53 AM
SharePoint Document Management 101 umnICTC ntMChrm
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“The SharePoint 2010 EcmaScript Client Object Model: Part 1” via torrenuova8/4/2016 4:33 AM
Create a custom SharePoint list from Excel  5111 Quester is a Pakistan-based questioning answering website where people can ask questions and we try our best to provide them with the best answers. Anyone can ask any legit question in English or Roman Urdu and we provide answers in the same language format.
8/3/2016 2:25 AM
Build an Intranet using SharePoint 134

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How to “Disable” Mobile View in SharePoint 2010 Sites rnmunnly vckTrvH
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7/22/2016 3:24 AM
Upgrading PM Central 2.x to version 3.0 on a multi-site host tulle jerry
The reason for this post is to share my findings while testing the operation and the provided directions, on a VM mockup of the host server, where I discovered some issues that lead me to omit a certain step in the documented procedure, for reasons I will elaborate on herein. From the directions, the first step is the actual upgrade of the installed webparts and binaries. See my comments and findings explained below these instructions.
7/19/2016 3:25 AM
Browser Based InfoPath Form 3400 passage7/19/2016 3:25 AM
Web Part Zones and Wiki’s Don’t Play Well Together paris pearl
On a recent project while I was building out a custom dashboard page for a client, complete with a tabbed interface with web part zones in each of the tabs. I ran across an interesting issue with the page upon its completion. Whenever the page was put into edit mode, the web part zones and all of the content in them would be stripped completely from the page.
7/19/2016 3:23 AM
SharePoint SEO (Search Engine Optimization) hines peterson7/19/2016 3:22 AM
How to Integrate a SharePoint Tasks List in Outlook 2010 (SharePoint 2010)  court blvd7/19/2016 3:20 AM
“The SharePoint 2010 EcmaScript Client Object Model: Part 1” calactica paradise7/19/2016 3:14 AM
Property Promoting Text Fields to Form Libraries in SharePoint/InfoPath 2010 4500 alluvial
There are of course many other scenarios that could be added to this list, but these are the most common in my experiences.  In order to satisfy these types of requirements, the text fields from within InfoPath must be “Property Promoted” to the SharePoint form library.  This can be set up from either the Form Options or Publish options under the File menu in InfoPath Designer.
7/19/2016 3:10 AM
Cross Browser Support for SharePoint 2010 Public Site Branding louisiana 6800
If you find yourself needing to target other browsers, like Firefox for example, there is an alternative to CSS hacks that you can be sure will always work. However, there is downside to utilizing JavaScript to correct or fix css issues. Since JS is client side script it will not run until the user has loaded the page and more often than not it will execute only after the rest of the css has been loaded. Which is why, even though this is a possible solution it is best to not become dependent on it. Also refrain from using this script to fix big problems that will make the change obvious when the page loads.
7/19/2016 3:05 AM
SharePoint 2010 – How to Create Custom XSLT Horizontal Bar Charts course terr
To facilitate this request, a column was added to the projects list which allowed the client to enter a two-digit number to represent the percentage of the budget that had been used, and then go back to the list item and update the budget amount as needed. To help simplify this example, the screen shot below is a custom web part displaying just the project name and budget percentage used.
7/19/2016 3:03 AM
SharePoint Document Management 101 sportif dundee
​It seems that whenever I address SharePoint clients, I frequently  see recreations of network drive folders in SharePoint.  Although this might be what you’re used to seeing, it diminishes the effectiveness of the document storage/sharing capability already built into SharePoint.  The list of inefficiencies includes, but is not limited to, the inability to actually locate nested folders, compromise of security, increase in URL length past the allowable character limit, and the likelihood of file duplication.
7/19/2016 3:02 AM
Getting Personal with [me] silk carla7/19/2016 3:00 AM
Content crawling and search in SharePoint Server 2013 3517/18/2016 9:06 AM
To share or not to share? Site collections VS Subsites  1207/14/2016 7:14 PM
Build an Intranet using SharePoint 160557/13/2016 4:41 PM
Build an Intranet using SharePoint 3997/13/2016 4:40 PM
What is SharePoint? 8937
7/8/2016 9:19 PM
Synchronizing an Excel file with SharePoint  2917
7/8/2016 9:18 PM
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