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March 06
Browser Based InfoPath Form

Hi Readers,

This code can be used in the Enterprise version of SharePoint. Thanks to Brandt for sharing this convenient and valuable solution.

"When creating custom Data Form Web Parts it can be a challenge to link to a browser based form.  It took a while to dynamically construct but I’m offering to share it with the community." 

Below is an link tag that will open a browser based InfoPath form.

<a href="{concat(  ̴SITEURL  ̴/_layouts/FormServer.aspx?XmlLocation=',@FileRef.urlencodeasurl)}" onclick="return DispEx(this,event,'TRUE','FALSE','{@File_x0020_Type.url}','{@File_x0020_Type.progid}','{@DefaultItemOpen}','{@HTML_x0020_File_x0020_Type.File_x0020_Type.mapcon}','

{@HTML_x0020_File_x0020_Type}','{@serverurl.progid}','{}','{$UserID}','{@ForceCheckout}','{@IsCheckedoutToLocal}','{@PermMask}')"><xsl:value-of select="@Distributor_x0020_Code"/>LINK TO FORM</a> 

Simply replace the bold and italicized values and voila! You can link directly to a browser based InfoPath form bypassing the need to open the InfoPath application.


Brandt Fuchs -
Vice President of Operations


 on 1/8/2017 8:31 PM

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