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April 11
Web Part Zones and Wiki’s Don’t Play Well Together

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On a recent project while I was building out a custom dashboard page for a client, complete with a tabbed interface with web part zones in each of the tabs. I ran across an interesting issue with the page upon its completion. Whenever the page was put into edit mode, the web part zones and all of the content in them would be stripped completely from the page.

After searching my pages code for non-terminating div tags, missing placeholders, malformed tables, and the standard "usual suspects" I was left scratching my head.


    After a while I decided to try and rebuild the page using a web part page rather than a wiki as the starting point. This solved the problem immediately. It seems that in SharePoint 2010 when a wiki page is put into edit mode it automatically strips out any web part zones and its contents, it just does not like them being on the page.

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    While you are perfectly able to add and edit the web parts in SharePoint Designer, once you are in the browser it crosses a line that SharePoint does not like. You are not completely out of luck however. If you absolutely need to add web part zones to a wiki page, you can still edit the web part in the browser on an individual basis by clicking on "edit web part" or editing it in designer. What you cannot do, however is put the entire page into edit mode, lest your web parts vanish into thin air.


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