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August 02
What Can SharePoint 2010 Do For You?

​Hear from SharePoint 2010 customers - Global Crossing, Associated Press, and many more. From ECM and WCM, to Collaboration and Search, SharePoint 2010 is delivering real results to our customers. Watch ​here​!

Michael Fuchs -
President & CEO



"You're standing on the bridge looking at the scenery, watching the scenery people see you upstairs." Moment, builds Yue me, knows? Into the man's view. Still, leisurely stroll fresh and elegant, antique shops and hidden in guxiang Teahouse, multi-chasing US film Dali, Dali story multi-tap, multi Dali taste good taste, take the opportunity to find a place to live at night. Suddenly, a Bai costumes attracted me, right Ren knot at New York hanging silver, light blue shirt embroidered butterfly pattern, with red velvet waistcoat, embroidered ribbons tied around his waist with a wide blue trousers.

[Met fans into romantic love]

Amy's heart, always and recent moment most concentrated, will have to wear clothes of missing photographs. I did not realize? Try to find someone to help, an 'I Come! "Came the sound of quiet leisurely, look back and saw a handsome man carrying a painting came to me, politely handed the camera man, he shot a series of skilled movements , it touched me. Others are too afraid to take the trouble, enough is enough, Xie Yuyan, that person saying "I can be your guide." Stunned for a moment, sounds appealing sentence "Not long ago, met before," he looked carefully and figure drawing board, glance.

A stranger, a strange scene, had fused into fantasy in the ancient capital of romance. Together Chuanjie travel lane, I look for the King, he into the mirror, do not know when? Loving each other, with each other in the past, the future of each other are more or less become a topic of conversation. Suddenly, a ray of rich rose scent nostrils, want to find the flavor of the float at heart have a man, I do not know when it will go away, and when I turned around to find his shadow, his hands have picked up an unknown snack , it is familiar and exudes enticing aroma. That moment, I laugh, wish him a joke, but a timid line play, and stop words. His smile chase open tender to open bags of food, shallow Yin a "roast Rushan, and filled it with sugar roses" as the doubts.

Streets while eating food while watching the beauty of his humor along the way to explain the beauty and culture of the story, a sentence sounding words, secretly pry open the fence in my heart. That night, the man introduces a quaint inn as a place to stay, it is in line with my preferences. After say goodbye, ask yourself: Why do I often shy in front of his language? Why is my mind wrapped around the paintings and stories? Why eye think thoughts?

That night, cook a pot of tea, sort of mind, through the window of the room, observing this night under the hazy sentimental and romantic city. All too unreal, as if long ago in strange and exudes fragrance of the city, he had lost the illusion, the illusion, to get to know a handsome scholar. At this juncture, a color cell phone ringtone will I wake up, listening to the sound coming from the other side, the heart seems to be grabbed, a dream not a dream, he has been real. Listening to the sonorous tone, the arrangement after dawn, romantic trip to Dali, Cheng pulls chatting shadow thing, drunk woven into his dreams, good night's sleep.

[Phase pull, drunk into the romantic]

Origin, affiliated. Go Shimonoseki hair, he is my wind; go off on flower, I described him as Dan; go Cangshan snow, he wrapped clothes for me; go Erhai full moon, he speaks Ghost for me. I dream, he came every seems to me the intersection, he had the like; my preferences, he had known; my temperament, he had to understand. It seems he took the red end of the line, I find that moment, is enough to eternity.

Listen to the "autumn skies move, Higurashi Huang high" Shimonoseki wind. In case of wind, he stand in front of me, Fang Jue magic "a breeze", lunacy is not cold, whisk dust. Listen to the wind, like a gully in the possession of the bamboo flute, playing an old soul music clear, shake the hills, swallow Canyun, guardian of the Windy City. Folk pass, arctic fox fell in love with the student, the Master tolerate, a scholar trapped in Erhai Lake, the female fox cries Guanyin give thanks to God the wind can blow Lake, emergency Lang. It turns out? River bridge, the Master plot, bottle off the wind, into the wind Shimonoseki. His mouth ballad, contains his words rhyme, as if guarding the edge of life, some small Syrian front.

Together view "smelling the flowers off mid-stream" on the off flowers. Shimonoseki air, down from the waves off layers of flower, floral float thousands of miles. He said: "This flower Quefei on the off flowers, the rumors, the village after ten Ridge incense tree, its yellow color, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance wins, twelve like lotus, lotus wood it said." I looked down microscopic fauna show Pa, strand of hair fall, Hu looked want to ask. Just to see the sun, where he headed the King, penned ink.

Riding together "Yuanwang Snow Mountain picturesque" Snow Mountain. Mount towering Cangshan, to coincide with snow, a piece of snow, snow fall in the mountains, coming under the warm sun of an autumn snow of the King. He gently wrapped in warm clothes for my Phi, while telling: "According to legend, the god of plague descending hills, disabled people, have to enchant Guanyin brother and sister, just returned from law school, Shi spell plague drive to Cangshan top, cold snow, repression plague, it is a thousand years of snow, the hills so. "

Together reward "static twist Erhai month into poetry" Erhai months. Sitting beside the faint Lake, listening to the sea Fishermen, Yuanwang moon rises suddenly, suddenly hiding under the sea. The wind blew, a pool thrown Jinbo, Qingyun end may seem Yaotai mirror. He lightly: "Legend, crossing the Red fairy, fall in Erhai Sea, a fisherman young love, marriage of King Lang fishing worry, put a wall Hokyo in the sea, according to the water can be removed fish years, Hokyo into. Jin wheel, called Erhai month. "hand in place, and the king of the same, time to hold the flow of sand.

Dali trip, smoked nuances, look to the hills, the sea listening songs, chatting story, there are flowers, there is tea, there are paintings, I have, as well as unexpected for him. The edge, buried in a quaint early heavy Dali, landscape thousands of miles apart, I Laixun, waiting for him, and he met the moment origin, with whom he met, at first sight, and he with slight, old together.
 on 4/26/2016 9:44 PM

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