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July 22
News Wrap-Up Friday July 22, 2011: We’re back!

7-22-2011 2-23-40 PM.jpgHi blog world! We haven’t had the news-wrap up in a while, but we’re back!  I’d like to introduce all of you to our new blog editor, Beverly Greene. Beverly is joining the project management team here at dataBridge. Beverly is a multitasker extraordinaire with a passion fro hiking and a good strong cup of coffee. (She fit's right in.) Welcome Bev!

Do you think you know what SharePoint looks like? Well think again. Not only check out our site (of course it's SharePoint) but here’s a list of SharePoint websites for schools and universities.

For any of you interested in settging up a test version of SharPoint here is a great video on MSN, reviewing how to install a SharePont test server. I know that it can seem overwhelming to read about installing it. This is a great over view or reminder of all of the pieces involved in setting up a test server.

Here’s an interesting case for running an instance of 2010 parallel with the 2007. JP Morgan Chase,  the financial giant,  installed SharePoint 2007 and over the years grew into an overwhelming  SharePoint farm with over 4,000 site collections. They wanted to explore using 2010 as a social networking platform, and also decided to keep their 2007 farm up. You should totally go read why.
If you haven’t been reading up on the new SharePoint service pack, here’s a great break down of what it does do (site recycle bin!!) and what it doesn’t do (content database size limitations using RBS).  
And last, but not least, here is a re-published white paper on database maintenance for SharePoint 2010. It's not what I would call summer reading, but really helpful information.

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