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​Business Intelligence in SharePoint

Business Intelligence is the process by which data is aggregated from multiple systems and displayed in one of many reporting fashions. SharePoint has the ability to aggregate data from other applications using the Business Connectivity Services (BCS). The BCS can connect to numerous different types of data sources. This allows users to read data from and write data to other line of business systems. That data can also be presented in a number of visual forms such as by utilizing SQL Server Reporting Services, or one of SharePoint server’s enterprise features like Excel, Visio, or PerformancePoint Services.

With the BCS, SharePoint can become the central hub for all data throughout an enterprise. Users shouldn’t have to navigate through a handful of proprietary systems when it is possible to collect all of the necessary data into SharePoint. This can have several benefits, one of which being that less training is required for users to learn multiple systems.

Whether you are looking for static reports to see a specific set of information, or a dynamic parameterized dashboards that provides interactivity to see data in a number of ways, dataBridge can help you centralize and visualize your business data, turning it into Business Intelligence.

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