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​Your Small Business Intranet


​You've already heard about SharePoint and all it can do, but what makes this intranet solution the best? We eliminate the learning curve. You get a dedicated SharePoint expert to help you tailor your intranet to your needs. We provide the IT staff to get you started and support you along the way!
You get much more than the award winning communication and collaboration platform from Microsoft, dataBridge provides the staff to help you develop your company’s custom Intranet, Extranet or Project Management site. We work with you to set up your site and install the features you need; We give you 90 days of unlimited site structure setup, functionality, best practices, training, development, the works! After 90 days up to 3 hours of maintenance are included per month. 

A Big Business Intranet For Your Small Business!​

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No Commitment​
​Low cost monthly billing - no contracts, cancel anytime with a 30 day notice.

Pay as you grow​ ​Pay for what you use; scalable on your terms.

No IT Investment​ ​No server or maintenance fees or employees needed.

Generous Storage Expandable to any size​ Expandable to any size.

All Inclusive​ ​Includes all features and support ​ - No software to purchase.

Ready in a Week​ Begin using your intranet in less than a week.

 Tour a Sample Small Business Intranet here

​dataBridge develops custom Intranets and Extranets for large companies every day. Now we've taken all that experience, best practices and a dedicated staff to help you develop an intranet for your small business. Call or email if you have any questions! 800-260-9357 or 
​Company Size ​Monthly Fee ​File Storage

​Call today to get started!
(800) 260-9357
​1-100 users ​$540.00 ​6GB
​101-200 users $650.00 ​8GB
​201-300 users ​$760.00 ​12GB

Initial Setup Fee  -  $495.00

Additional storage space is $5 per 1 GB​ ​ ​

dataBridge supports one person from each company and each plan includes all browser based design, development, training and support.​ ​ ​